Quick! Need your opinion! (And, no, GRRR’s not dead yet)

Hi, Popeye’s Gulch dwellers! It’s me, Buddy! Sorry the site hasn’t been updated in two months. It’s not because nothing has been happening worth reporting on in our happy little hamlet, that’s for sure.

Quite the opposite. It’s been a glorious summer of heated intra-neighborhood battle, defending our humble Gulch from the unending tide of self-centered douchebags being attracted to it like rats to readi-whip by the current regime of ripoff overpriceries owned by obnoxious, uncaring sleazeball invaders with no morals and no stake in the neighborhood besides how much cash they can wring from the human Lego figures drawn here from over the surrounding hills to see and be seen paying ridiculous heaps of cash for I don’t even know what anymore.

Does that sound bitter? Rest assured, your reluctant neighborhood activist may outwardly be pounding on the keys right now, but inside, there’s nothing but an ear-to-ear grin. It’s been one heavenly heck of a hot & bothered summer for crusading neighborhood complainers, and we’ve come to love the thrill of the battle… the flush of a first victory against a merciless opponent… the piquant fragrance of cease & desist orders being issued on our street… the mad last-minute dashes around town to submit unnecessary documents by unpublicized deadlines… the bilious sleaze of repugnant La Urbana managers losing their shit and harassing reluctant neighborhood activists on the public sidewalk. It’s been an amazing few months, in that rich, vibrant, Heaven-is-eternal-battle, scary ancient Viking “we could be friends but I think it would be more fun to run you through with my sword”, masochistic misanthrope sort of way.

We promise to catch you all up as soon as the crush lets up for a few. There are amazing photos to be shared, hilarious digital illustrations satirizing any and all deserving, thrilling first-person accounts of valiant deeds of neighborhood valor and depraved knavery from scurrilous restaurant managers, revealing documentary videos, and, we’re guessing, probably some snide mockery and resentful humor scattered here and there throughout, a little.

In The Meantime

Da real reason we’re posting right now is to just get some opinions from the general public (vis a vis, the readers; vis a vis, you, yes, you, there, the one sitting in front of the computer.)

Which icon below do you think would be best, on an infographic, as an indicator of times when a San Francisco city official completely didn’t do a thing about a problem that it’s supposed to be their job to fix?

Keep in mind, the officials who did the aforementioned nothing are going to see the infographic when it’s done.

Please comment 1, 2, or 3. Or email, or respond to @Grove_Residents on twitter, or on the Grove Residents’ Rights Resource facebook page, or whatever.  Thank you.

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