Why Did La Urbana Close, Anyway? (Or, why can’t online “journalists” do basic research?) 

I’ve seen several times on a certain local news website claims that La Urbana’s closure was “sudden”, “mysterious”, or “unexplained”. Reading about it yet again, it strikes your reluctant neighborhood activist that I hadn’t posted about it here, because I had basically gotten fed up with the situation and wasn’t involved in it anymore by […]

Landlord Serves La Urbana’s Owners a Cool, Refreshing 3-Day Eviction Notice 

La Urbana’s landlord has posted a cool, refreshing 3-Day Pay Or Quit notice on the property they still occupy four months after they abruptly ceased operations rather than comply with a smooth, creamy citation for code violations issued by the SF Planning Commission. Under San Francisco city law, after three months of nonpayment of rent, […]


Things are going on. All kinds of things. Huge things. What are they? WE DON’T KNOW. The city is involved. Whose side are they on? Again, we don’t know. And you know what? We don’t even have time to update this site, which is why it’s lain fallow for a year. Check back. We’re going […]

Meanwhile, in another neighborhood… 

via http://www.cappstreetcrap.com/miss-manners-2-0/ The Mission. Despite being ground zero for several waves of gentrification, somehow it manages to maintain a consistent flavor all its own.

Quick! Need your opinion! (And, no, GRRR’s not dead yet) 

Hi, Popeye’s Gulch dwellers! It’s me, Buddy! Sorry the site hasn’t been updated in two months. It’s not because nothing has been happening worth reporting on in our happy little hamlet, that’s for sure. Quite the opposite. It’s been a glorious summer of heated intra-neighborhood battle, defending our humble Gulch from the unending tide of […]

Appeal hearing to overturn “La Urbana’s” outdoor seating permit TODAY, 7/15 at 5pm, Rm. 416, City Hall 

The following email just went out to everybody who’s requested to be on the mailing list, or who sent in an email in January protesting La Urbana’s outdoor seating permit request. It contains everything you need to know, conveyed in the delightfully breezy fashion of someone who never wanted to be an activist to begin […]

Mexican-Themed Restaurant “La Urbana” Wishes Grove St. Neighbors A Happy Mexican Beer Brand Marketing Day! 

La Urbana’s suspiciously pallid clientele gathers to celebrate the May 5, 1862 success of a small Mexican army in the state of Puebla, just southeast of Mexico City, in defeating 8,000 opportunistic French troops seeking to establish a new French colony for their own benefit, at the expense of the people who already lived there—ie, […]

Café Abir Outta Hir; the Final Day of a Strange Cafe with an Inscrutable Business Plan 

(Did you see what I did there? Don’t judge. It was either that or “Café Abir is Café A-bye-bye”.) Your reluctant neighborhood activist is typing this drinking what will likely be his last ever foul, acrid coffee drink at Café Abir. Those of us living in Popeyes Gulch long term have witnessed the strange, gradual […]

[UPDATED] DPW disregards 28 neighbor complaints, grants sidewalk seating permit to “La Urbana”; neighbors have option to appeal. 

Download DPW Permit Ruling PDF: DPW Order_183396 – La Urbana Here’s a brainteaser for you. A stranger runs up to you on the street and starts giving you a wet willie, then another one, over and over. They won’t stop, until finally, a policeman sees it. But the stranger tells the policeman, “Why are you […]

Two Months After “La Urbana” Hearing, No News Is, Uh, No News 

Just kidding, Modesta. :-)

It’s been two months since the Jan. 7 City Hall hearing about Mexican-themed restaurant/uncaring neighborhood bully La Urbana’s permit request for their desired outdoor all-night party pen^h^h^h^h^h solid gold slop trough^h^h^h^h^h drunk wrestling cage^h^h^h^h^h amphitheater^h^h^h^h^h “café seating area”, in which their management attempted to bullshit a city official out of noticing that a record 28 neighboring residents wrote in to […]

Another Reduction In Services For Residents on Divis: Goodbye 97¢ Store 

Divisadero 97 Cent Store sits vacant after Jan. 2 (artist’s conception). Digital Illustration by AIMBY If you need a last minute pack of spoons, a shower curtain, or one of a million other random housewares at a reasonable price in the evenings around here, you’re gonna have to find some way to improvise, because we […]

Happy New Year from the heart of the Little Neighborhood That Coul^h^h^h^h We Hope Still Can 

Hiya, it’s been a busy couple of months even if this writer wasn’t trying to be a reluctant neighborhood activist on top of everything else. Hope everybody had happy holidays & 2015 is treating you right. There’s a lot of news (some good, some bad), a lot of changes in just a month since the […]


Ready for a puzzle? As described in “Neighbors Work Together to Oppose Outdoor Seating at La Urbana“, La Urbana has put up a public notice declaring their application for a permit to put a 14-table, 36-seat late night customer seating area outdoors on the public sidewalk near private residences at Grove & Divisadero. The notice […]

Neighbors Work Together to Oppose Outdoor Seating at “La Urbana” [Updated 12/6] 

[SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES] First, some background detail on the issue… Please scroll down to flyer section for instructions on how to protest this permit application. If you live near La Urbana restaurant on Grove Street & Divisadero, you may know what an inconsiderate nuisance they have been to so many neighboring homes since they […]