Appeal hearing to overturn “La Urbana’s” outdoor seating permit TODAY, 7/15 at 5pm, Rm. 416, City Hall

The following email just went out to everybody who’s requested to be on the mailing list, or who sent in an email in January protesting La Urbana’s outdoor seating permit request. It contains everything you need to know, conveyed in the delightfully breezy fashion of someone who never wanted to be an activist to begin with and can’t wait for this whole thing to be over. To wit:

Hi everbody,

The short version:
The appeal hearing to overturn La Urbana’s outdoor seating permit is
today, Wednesday 7/15, at 5 pm in room 416 of City Hall on Van Ness.

Please come speak up during the Public Comment section of the hearing, and
let the Board Of Appeals know your opinion of La Urbana’s request to
extend their mess and racket out onto our public sidewalk. I don’t know
when during the evening the public comment session will occur, so if you
can’t make it at 5, come down anyway, it might not be too late.

Please forgive this email, this is the only time I’ll contact you
unsolicited. If you don’t want to hear from me again, you don’t have to do
anything, this’ll be the only time. After this email, if you do want to
stay informed and help tackle quality-of-life issues around Grove & Divis,
you’ll have to email me back, and specifically ask me to put you on the
email list.

You can se the documents and briefs that have already been filed in this
case, including the 28 neighbor complaint letters about La Urbana sent to
DPW in January, at .

Sorry about the late notice, I’ve been doing everything myself on top of
trying to run a business, so I haven’t been able to give this anywhere
near the attention I wanted to. There will be other opportunities to help
fight this in the future too, get in touch if you want to be notified of
them. The battle ain’t over.

So if you want to get occasional email notices about stuff, or to get more
involved in keeping our neighborhood livable, please write back to, or contact me through the website . It would be nice if everyone who is
concerned about the recent direction of the neighborhood could all meet up
and chat. Other neighbors have brought up a bunch of other complaints
about things affecting life in our little part of the ‘hood. There’s
plenty more that can be done, we have a lot of options if anybody else is
interested in keeping this neighborhood livable for the residents, but so
far I’ve mostly been doing it alone, and I really don’t have enough time
to keep doing that.

Submissions are always welcome for the website, by the way, I wanted it to
be a community site for all the neighbors, not just mine alone.

Hope to see you at the hearing at 5pm to help put the kibosh on this
ridiculous nuisance.

Your Reluctant Neighborhood Activist.

Grove Residents Rights Resource

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