It worked. Good-bye Garage.

Well, it worked.

I don’t have a lot of time right now for an elaborate post so I’ll just tell you that the new tenants at 661 Divisadero have produced a written plan for permanently sealing the windows that has been met with approval by both neighbor representatives and the city.

The window channels will be blocked in with wood, preventing movement. That wood will be riveted into the frames, not just screwed. The windows will have no hardware, handles, or locks, and any remaining gaps will be spackled over and painted. This will effectively fix the windows closed in the wall.

The Planning Commission temporarily suspended his permits until this plan could be put in place. The permits have now been given the go-ahead again.

I myself just received an emailed written commitment from Adriano Paganini, the owner of the new restaurant, the the windows would be permanently fixed closed. He cc’ed Alcoholic Beverage Control on this email. In return, I have withdrawn my protest against his liquor license (the substance of the protest was that I wanted the windows permanently closed.)

So, that’s probably it. Obviously the work hasn’t been done yet, and it’ll be nice to see once it has, but Paganini has promised both the city and the neighbors in writing now, and the Building Inspector is breathing down his neck to make sure it’s done according to plan. It couldn’t look more likely that he’ll follow through as promised.

The city is also requiring him to remove the curb cuts in front of the former garage doors, providing two more parking spots to the neighborhood.

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