Chapter II – A New Hope. (We hope.)

Just a quick update. As many have noticed a new liquor license notice has gone up in the space formally occupied by La Urbana. La Urbana abruptly closed last autumn after being ordered by the city to conduct an acoustical evaluation for noise abatement for their open-air garage drunken hullaballoo.

Several neighbors attempted to reach out to the owner since then for both his attorneys and his realtors, to discuss making sure that the issues never arise again. No contact was ever acknowledged and the illegal unsoundproofed openable outer wall (former garage doors) of the garage was never fixed to be in compliance with city law

Now, neighbors have been in touch with ABC and with the new tenant’s representatives. The good news is, so far everybody we have spoken to has been understanding and appears receptive to our concerns, and the SF planning department has shown an active interest in making sure the previous situation does not recur. We have been promised that the new tenants will contact us. However, at this time we have received absolutely no assurances of anything.

Please stay tuned, as things are moving fast. The period to contest the liquor license, if we wind up needing to, expires by September 22. Further information about this will be posted shortly.

Anyone who has emailed us in the past, mostly the list of people who emailed us to help successfully fight the previous tenant’s café seating permit, may be contacted by one-off email if there is any opportunity for neighbor voices to oppose this. Write to help out.

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