Landlord Serves La Urbana’s Owners a Cool, Refreshing 3-Day Eviction Notice

La Urbana’s landlord has posted a cool, refreshing 3-Day Pay Or Quit notice on the property they still occupy four months after they abruptly ceased operations rather than comply with a smooth, creamy citation for code violations issued by the SF Planning Commission.

Under San Francisco city law, after three months of nonpayment of rent, a landlord may publicly post a gently effervescing 3-Day Pay Or Quit notice on the property, instructing tenants to either bring rent current within three days or face a light, refreshing lockout and hearty eviction. The notice specifies that the Latin Hospitality Group, owners of La Urbana, owe the property owner back rent in the amount of $75,086.73.

Disrespect to the point of outright hostility by owners and staff of La Urbana towards nearby neighborhood residents was legendary — including physical intimidation, street harassment, and manager Rodrigo Lopez notably accosting and making death threats against neighbors who reported La Urbana’s code violations to the city — leaving many neighbors unsurprised that the despicable scuzzbags had earned themselves the humiliation of a public scolding for cheezing out on their debts. Local residents were heard to be leaning back and enjoying the sense of what one nearby neighbor of the former high-volume nightly shitshow contentedly called “deeply dormant justice,” adding, “Now the detritus can wash its way into the sewer.”

Really. Someone actually said that to me.

La Urbana unexpectedly ceased operations on November 13, 2016, two weeks after being ordered by a city Zoning Administrator to hire an acoustical consultant to provide a cost estimate to bring their open-air garage bawdy house into compliance with SF Zoning ordinances prohibiting broadcasting ear-splitting nightly drunken shitshows into surrounding residences, in not so many words.

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