Mexican-Themed Restaurant “La Urbana” Wishes Grove St. Neighbors A Happy Mexican Beer Brand Marketing Day!

La Urbana’s suspiciously pallid clientele gathers to celebrate the May 5, 1862 success of a small Mexican army in the state of Puebla, just southeast of Mexico City, in defeating 8,000 opportunistic French troops seeking to establish a new French colony for their own benefit, at the expense of the people who already lived there—ie, exactly what “La Urbana’s” owners have done to the long-time residents of Grove Street (artist’s conception). Digital Illustration by AIMBY

Do I really need to even write a sarcastic post satirizing the virtually nonexistent connection between the 1862 repusion of a French colonization attempt in the southern Mexican state of Puebla, and the hordes of drunken, affluent white people currently trampling our neighborhood’s quality of life under their overpriced name-brand heels (yet again) at this very moment at the invitation of Mexico-themed restaurant and invasive ongoing public nuisance “La Urbana”?

I didn’t think so. If you’re one of the revelers come here on the flimsiest of rationalization for getting drunk, making an ass of yourself, and helping wealthy outside business interests bully the locals, I might as well say “Have fun trampling our rights again”, because you’re going to do it either way. And if you’re one of the neighbors putting up with this garbage for the 479th night in a row… you know nobody can relate better than your humble correspondent.

So grit your teeth again, put your earplugs in again, and try and again resist the urge to go down there, find La Urbana’s selfish, greedy owner and salsa-for-brains managers, and keelhaul them once and for all. It’ll be over eventually.


On a more constructive note, several specific ongoing ordinance violations have been identified at La Urbana, but we need people to file complaints about it regularly in order for enforcement occur. Please get in touch with to get involved.

The ongoing violations at La Urbana have finally just begun to attract the attention of officials at city hall, and there’s been some tentative suggestions that they can help, but without a continuing stream of active complaints, it slips down to the bottom of their priority list. The Residents’ Area of this site also has some detailed info on how to make more effective complaints, and who specifically to speak to to get results.

A very happy Cinco de Mayo to our Mexican friends and neighbors and anyone who has an actual reason to celebrate it.

Extra Credit Reading

From the Daily Dot, here’s an actual Latino perspective on the American pretend holiday often called “Cinco de Drinko” and cultural appropriation: “Dear white people celebrating Cinco de Mayo—you’re doing it wrong.

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