Two Months After “La Urbana” Hearing, No News Is, Uh, No News

Just kidding, Modesta. :-)

It’s been two months since the Jan. 7 City Hall hearing about Mexican-themed restaurant/uncaring neighborhood bully La Urbana’s permit request for their desired outdoor all-night party pen^h^h^h^h^h solid gold slop trough^h^h^h^h^h drunk wrestling cage^h^h^h^h^h amphitheater^h^h^h^h^h “café seating area”, in which their management attempted to bullshit a city official out of noticing that a record 28 neighboring residents wrote in to oppose tripling LU’s current nighttime party-hearty-on-the-street “Neighbors? What neighbors?” ruckus-raising and extending the hours until 11pm every weeknight and midnight weekends. According to DPW officials at the time, a decision was expected in 7 days.

Two months later, nobody has heard a peep from DPW, leading imaginations to run wild with disturbing visions of behind-the-scenes manoeuvering and greasy city officials dropping to their knees to cooperate with out-of-town rich folks to screw the residents again. Not so wild with disturbing visions, however, as to motivate anyone to pick up a phone and contact DPW’s Modesta Jacquez at (415) 554-5810 to find out what’s actually going on.

This writer would make the call himself, but frankly, with La Urbana’s management actively trying to claim to the police and city that the 30-or-so people who oppose their racket is just one single cranky neighbor, because nobody else ever picks up the phone and calls in complaints about them, he kind of feels like someone else can show they care and make the call this time. Besides keeping up this site and occasionally cranking out these short, acerbic masterpieces of passive-aggressive wit is really about the most his blood pressure can take at this point.

Anyone with further information, please feel free to email grrr@groveresidentsorg or call the direct number, and upon confirmation it will be posted here.

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