Another Reduction In Services For Residents on Divis: Goodbye 97¢ Store

Divisadero 97 Cent Store sits vacant after Jan. 2 (artist’s conception). Digital Illustration by AIMBY

If you need a last minute pack of spoons, a shower curtain, or one of a million other random housewares at a reasonable price in the evenings around here, you’re gonna have to find some way to improvise, because we don’t have the kind & neighborly Deborah and her Divisadero 97¢ Plus Store to kick around anymore. The store, which had been up for sale since June, saw a lot of business from residents around here, but unfortunately, at those prices, business was too difficult to sustain, and after 5 years serving the neighborhood, Deborah sold her inventory and shut the doors on Popeyes Gulch’s last low-cost variety store on January 2.

Deborah has promised to keep in touch about her future plans via her website (currently down). I’m sure you join your reluctant neighborhood activist in wishing her the best. Deborah, your store was a valued addition to the community, and your friendly smile was always apppreciated.

If memory hasn’t been hopelessly addled by the persistent fumes arising from Marina-dweller body spray and $26-a-plate “Mexican food”, this marks the first time this neighborhood has been without any 99¢ housewares store in at least 15 years. Anybody know when that one that used to be across from the hardware store first opened up?

The following week, KK Cafe up by Haight, home of great sandwiches, burgers, and that (in)famous Peanut Milk, announced its upcoming closure. The owners will continue to make and sell Peanut Milk through other channels, so you can keep getting your drink, ya weirdos.

Across the street from the former location of the Divisadero 97¢ Plus Store, The Mill, which sells single slices of toast for $4, is doing a brisk business and doesn’t appear to be in any danger of closing.

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